Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So of course I haven't been keeping up with my posts!  But hey, it's summer, sun's out, life is good.

The kids moved back in with us (Meg and her bunch) on July 1 so it's been fun times with our babies!!!  I love them being with us every day.  They have the big back yard, a trampoline, and a little pool to play in, so we've been really enjoying them.  Meg's cooking is awesome to look forward to every day!

The rains finally stopped.  So now Texas summer is in full swing - probably will be 100 degrees today.  We've had a few beach trips, and the last one was a LOT of fun.  Saw pink flamingos,  caught a stingray and a shark (both went back in the water), and saw LOTS of dolphins.  The kids had a good time.

We've been attending Carpenter's Way here in town, and really like the messages each Sunday.  He's in Romans now, and it's just really speaking to me.  Especially in light of recent events in our country, I have to say it is so relevant (isn't God ALWAYS relevant)?

The hubby is hoping to make a change soon, maybe go back to school, so he can get into a different line of work that doesn't kill him physically.  Two back surgeries in your twenties is not conducive to physical work the rest of your life!  Prayers are appreciated for direction!!!

Got my workout routine going again - actually doing well for about a month now.  Tracking it all on - which is a great tool - and hoping to make some healthy changes.  Meg ordered the Whole30 book and I think it will help us all.

Won't be long til everyone's back in school and getting ready for football.  I know I'll miss my summertime, but Caleb's Senior Year should be exciting!

'Til next time...