Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loooooong Weekend Update

WHEW! What a weekend!
Thursday evening was crazy! I got my hair cut (a little shorter!) and finished picking out our furniture at Castleberrys. I LOVE it! I'll post pics when we get it. Then we finished hauling stuff out of storage for the Yard Sale.
Friday was a pretty day, with not MUCH threat of rain. The kids & Aunt Rob-Rob worked the Yard Sale so I could go to work. They had quite a bit of traffic and the kids made a little spending money. After work, we headed BACK to storage to pick up the rest of what we had that I decided I might as well sell. Morgan was hanging out with Rachel at the pool & the mall, so Meggan, Caleb, Emalyn & I went to Sonic for dinner.
Saturday was an EARLY day. Wade had to work, so he got me up and I started hauling the Yard Sale stuff out again. Leah came over to help me, and Rob-Rob and Boyd came soon after. We didn't have a lot of people - I assumed being a holiday weekend, or maybe because there were LOTS of yard sales going on around town. It kept sprinkling on us and threatening rain, so we finally covered it all up with a tarp and ended the sale.
I went in and took a nap! I needed it! Then we got up and worked on halfway putting the house together. I tell you, I was TIRED!!!!
Sunday morning I slept in and didn't get up when the alarm went off, so I didn't make it to church. I spent the whole day clearing out, organizing and trying to clean up around the house. We watched a movie, Eagle Eye, that I hadn't seen - it was really good! Then the kids & I headed to town for groceries. They spent their money at Old Navy, then we hit Wal-Mart for groceries (I HATE WallyWorld). We headed over to Sam's and picked up Wade's Father's Day gift a bit early, but they have a grill he's been wanting for awhile, so we went ahead and got it. He was SO excited! When we got home, he put it together AND cooked on it for us!!!!
Monday I got up and did the rest of my errands early - hit Target and Castleberrys (to finalize my order) and went home to finish up laundry. It was kind of a lazy day for us, and I appreciated having the day off, but I always remember what Memorial Day is actually for - to remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms!!! With Jacob out on a MEU it is even more important to our family this year. He is able to email Meggan some, and is doing okay.
Meggan took Emalyn back to the dr. and switched her meds to Zantac. It seems to be helping ,as she is eating First Foods and sleeping through the night now sometimes.
Monday night Wade grilled hamburgers and had some strawberry shortcake that was yummy!
Then about 10:30, we realized that the temp reading on our refrigerator was up to 55 degrees! OH MY! We threw away milk and other perishables, and put the items that survived in coolers covered in ice. It was a late night!
Tuesday was back to work, and Morgan babysat for a friend. I spent the day working and shopping online for a new fridge. I found one YAY! at Home Depot - it is so pretty. An LG and it's Titanium, so fingerprints don't really show, but it looks like stainless. We had to pick it up ourselves to get it last night, but we got it in there after MUCH work and worry - I won't even go into it.
Due to the refrigerator pickup, we also missed 1/2 of Caleb's last ballgame. Apparently he had a hit that got him to first, but it was not a great game - we got beat 16 - 0!!!! That was bad. It's okay though, he really had fun, and baseball is now Caleb's favorite sport YAY ME!!!!!
Charlotte got some great pics of him this season, too.
So it was a late night, and my knee is really bothering me, but maybe over the next couple of weeks I can get some furniture in and feel like I've halfway restored some sanity in my home!
ALSO - be looking for my Southern Living at Home ad in the Journey Market. Journey is a magazine for women (online at and has some great articles/info. It is also published here locally. I'm excited to see if I book any parties from my ad!
Have a great week - it's Wednesday already, so I'm looking forward to Friday and putting up our ghetto pool!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yard Sales & Sunshine

It has been the most beautiful few days of weather here in East Texas!!! Cool in the mornings, sunny ALL day long - I love this kind of weather. I hate being cooped up inside during the day, but I AM thankful to have a job!!!
Getting ready for this Yard Sale has been a chore. I work full-time, so I haven't been able to work on the house or yard sale during the day. Maybe I can pull it all together tonight! We'll see...the storage building HAS to be emptied out, so I'll head over there after work and start on that. Most of it is sorted, it's just a matter of getting it to the house now. Hopefully other people will benefit from what I am getting rid of - most of it is good stuff, I've just decided I don't need it all!
I also hope the sunshine holds - I hear rumors of a rainy weekend. Monday is a holiday, so it will give me time to recover.
Speaking of Monday - please remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms! Freedoms we are gradually letting slip away every day...I just pray that they didn't all die in vain. And keep those serving now in your prayers...they do a big job for little pay, not much thanks, and have families who love and miss them!
So come on by the yard sale this Fri & Sat...see what goodies await. You might even see some Southern Living at Home if you look hard!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm not good at thinking up witty blog titles, so I may go without from now on, other than Weekend Updates.
You'll see the button for April Rose on here - go to her site, read her blog, hear her story. It is truly inspiring - God is so good!
I am reading "The Shack" and it is very eye -opening. I'm not sure I agree with the whole portrayal of God as a woman, but then again, who's to say? I love the (new to me) concept that we will always be learning and seeking, because I had never thought of it that way. When you're little, you think you'll know it all when you get to Heaven. Now I know, it will be an ever, ever learning process. That is really cool - because there you can ask Jesus Himself any questions you have!
We had a baseball game last night - Caleb hit several times. I'm so proud of him for hitting well this year. Morgan is playing this summer - hopefully with a local team. She is excited about playing through the summer.
Caleb and Morgan both are at their LAST day of school today - WOOHOO!!!
Then we'll spend the rest of the week getting ready for the Yard Sale FRIDAY and Saturday!
I'm off to look for furniture this week as well. I found some of my inspiration books in storage over the weekend, so now I have a place to start. I just hope I can find something locally!
Once I get it all done, I can put up pictures.
I hope to be getting some Southern Living at Home parties going soon as well - my home will definitely be a display case! I think I've purged everything NOT SLAH already!!!! My inspiration in my living room is my Gail Pittman Bountiful Platter - red with some yellow, blue & green in it. It's BEAUTIFUL! With my Compatible Cream walls, the red really pops. Maybe I can get Nonnie & Aunt J to go with me before J goes back to GA. I may need some advice!
Well, back to the grind...see you later...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update...

There's my boy...swinging away (thanks Charlotte for a great action shot!) We had ballgames Fri & Sat ... Caleb had several good hits, but the best was the one on Saturday that HIT THE CENTER FIELD FENCE!!!! Everyone was So excited!!!
It was a long, long weekend that I needed to be longer. Thursday Aunt Jama drove in from Georgia with Tillie & KitKat, so we headed over to eat dinner at Nonnie's with them, and celebrate RobRob's birthday with cupcakes.
Friday evening was baseball, then I let the girls talk me into going to Wal-Mart (if you know me, you know I HATE HATE HATE going to Wal-Mart) to buy a few groceries. It was after 11:00 when we got home, but I had a great new comfortable bed to drop into! Emalyn wasn't feeling too good, so she had a rough night.
Saturday was more baseball, in between shuttling kids and trying to bring SOME semblence of order to our home. There are still boxes to be unpacked and more items to bring out for the yard sale, but until we make a decision about furniture, it will look undone. Hopefully that will be accomplished this week, and I can get my space all done up. I spent ALL day Saturday trying to do laundry and unpack boxes - we have to get everything out of storage by a specific date.
Sunday Emalyn and I took a quick trip to the store (she had been up ALL night crying, so we let her mama sleep). The kids both went to church, and I skipped again to finish unpacking. I know, I know...I've got to stop that!!! Marion was in town, so we headed over to storage and tried to sort through more. We did fill several boxes with "trash", and lots more for the sale, so this week we will get it all brought over for the weekend Yard Sale. Needless to say, I was TIRED after all of this.
Today has been right back to work! Caleb had an appt, so I had to run out and pick him up, then pick Morgan up early from school. Tomorrow is their last day YAYAYAYAYAY!!! so they're taking exams today.
Thank GOODNESS, the Consolidated guys were there hooking up cable and internet. Everyone in my family was having withdrawals. Personally, I thought it was kind of nice :) I have plenty to do without sitting in front of the computer or TV.
I'll get pictures up as soon as I get some decorating done - before and after HA! More baseball tonight...last day of school tomorrow...YAYAYAYAY!!!! (did I say YAY!?)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sis today...(that's me & her with Dad). I won't tell her age, but I hope it's a very good day for Rob-Rob!!!
I love you.

Random Thoughts

I just had some random thoughts today...about life in general, moving into a new home, SLAH, blogs I've read, the state our country is in...
I have always loved to read and write, but never thought of myself as "creative" (and still don't). This blog is just an outlet for what I'm thinking, when I have time to post, and to keep family and friends up to date on what's going on with our family. Heck, I'm not sure anyone ever even reads it!!! But it's like a diary of sorts, which I've never been good at keeping up with :)
So if you DO read it, please enjoy.
Here is Caleb's ball team (the RedSox). Our coaches are SO great - Caleb is the tallest kid in the photo (3rd from right)! They've had a lot of fun this year. Thanks Wes and Cody and everyone else who helps!

We are slowly getting settled in to our home. The phone man was out yesterday - I got a little perturbed that he was there running new lines and hooking up our landline, but they can't come out till next Monday with cable and internet. HUH? He's already here - why can't he do it all? But what do I know...the rep told me he was only there to test the lines, but lo and behold, we had phone service when he left! Anyway, I got over it until I missed AI last night >:( Then I was a little upset, but maybe I can catch it on youtube?
Speaking of the house, I am feeling SO unsettled these days. It's weird, because we moved back from South Texas SO fast, and had to throw everything in storage, that I've lived without most of my own belongings for a year and a half. Going through it all now I realize, I have WAY TOO MUCH CRAP!!! And some of those things I used to LOVE and just HAD to have...I don't want them anymore!!!!! Sad, isn't it? But things truly are not what is important in life. That being said, I do love the decorating blogs I read, and I LOVE having a warm, inviting pretty home. It may be awhile before I get back to having that...but I'm working on it. I have found lots of Southern Living at Home items I haven't gotten to use before. That was exciting!
So I will be having a yard sale March 22-23 to get rid of this stuff. There should be some nice things in there, because if I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it's gone. Make way for new!

These are my new plates that should be here any day now.This is one of the products you can get for FREE in May!!!I'm REALLY excited about getting the house together enough to host a Monthly Open House for Southern Living at Home. That should be fun!!! I love sharing the products and ideas. So stay tuned in for that info coming soon...

I read LOTS of other blogs, and reading one only leads to reading another...I mentioned Kayleigh Freeman the other day. Kayleigh's story breaks my heart, and I know there are many similar stories out there. When you say your prayers today, please keep all of these hurting families in them. There is a lot of hurt and sadness in the world, but God is great and HE is bigger than all of it!!! If you can remember that, it keeps things in perspective.

Which, of course, applies to the state our country is in. It can be a little overwhelming and scary at times, but I try to remember, our government is NOT who you should depend on - GOD is!!! So even when it seems like the whole world has gone crazy...God is in control. But I wonder what people are thinking! Do you really think Nancy Pelosi knows what's best for us? Or any of the other radicals in Washington? It's about having power...and that isn't good for any of "us" in America. When illegal immigrants and terrorists have more rights than US citizens - people should get angry! When you are being taxed at every turn (not just your income taxes either, there are hidden taxes everywhere) and yet no one is accountable for how that money is spent - you should ask WHY? As long as there is sin in this world, there will be inequality, but we do not have to stand by and allow it to expand. And I'm not a "radical, right-wing extremist" - unless you believe the new government definition! I'm not a "teabagger" (I had to look this one up after the tea parties, which I did not get to attend, but really wanted to - and was highly offended that supposedly intelligent liberals had to resort to THAT sort of namecalling and rudeness), I believe even unborn babies have the unalienable right to life, and the right to CHOOSE happens BEFORE conception, I believe in freedom of religion - EVERYWHERE - in schools, in my home, and anywhere I want to practice it, I believe in the 2nd amendment, and I do NOT believe that legal gun ownership promotes gun crimes, I believe people are people, and that racism is wrong, and I believe that PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT AND COURTESY for others are what is lacking and causing the downfall in our society today.

NOW I'm off my soapbox for today...randomness prevails!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend update...

Well, moving is complete! Okay, not completely complete, but all the big stuff is in our house! We still have lots of stuff to go through...and pay attention everyone in Lufkin, TEXAS - I am having a yard sale MAY 23!!!! So get ready for it...come by for some great deals!
It was a long week...every night we did a little packing, and the movers came Friday for Nonnie's stuff. She is already settling in to her new home - it is beautiful!
Hubby & I spent all day Saturday and Sunday moving our furniture and belongings from storage to home. I can only apologize to the neighbors for the pile out will be gone soon :) Everyone is settling in nicely, though. Caleb & Morgan have pretty much gotten their bedrooms set up, and Meggan and Emalyn have a nice big area of their own.
We got a new bed (LOVE IT!) from Nonnie, so at least we are sleeping well at night! I can tell this will be an ongoing process of sorting and rearranging, though. We have so many things we had forgotten about in storage.
We also found out that since we purchased the home from my mom, we DO NOT qualify for the First Time Homebuyers' Tax Credit. That was quite a letdown! $8000 would have gone far in updating the house and fencing in our big yard. Oh well - thanks a lot IRS AND Pres. Obama. That's why you should never put your trust in our government. God will provide our needs!
School is winding down...hopefully both my kids will get out next week on the Flexible Year plan. Keeping my fingers crossed! We are ready to be done with school for a few months.
Meg & Em are doing well...Jacob leaves from VA this week, so we are keeping him in our prayers.
Caleb is still playing baseball and Morgan will be playing softball all summer, so it never really stops! Hopefully we'll get the pool up in the next week or so and we can hang out in the back yard - our OWN back yard YAY!!!
Even though we're all tired and it's been hard work, it's worth it. It's so nice to have our own home again.
In sad news, Kayleigh Freeman's family is mourning their loss today. I just cried and cried when I read the blog...such a testament to God's faithfulness to us and His care of us. Pray for them...times will be hard. Such a sweet little baby girl ~ free from pain now.
I thank God every day for my children, and now my granddaughter, and I am thankful for all of them, even when they drive me crazy! I love them all so much!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Southern Living at Home and Weekend Updates...all in one post

Short post today!
First, Southern Living at Home...May is a GREAT month to be a Hostess or Customer! We have FREE gifts available for parties over $250 or Customers who purchase $29.95 or more!!! Of course the great Customer & Hostess specials for May are available as well! You can see ALL the May info at On the home front, we spent most of the weekend packing boxes and helping Nonnie get ready to move. There were some crazy strong storms that blew through early Sunday morning, and many in East Texas were without power for most of the day. We just lost cable and internet, but Hey, That's bad enough!!!
We got to close on the house yesterday, so we will be moving in over the next week or so. Get ready to see pictures soon.
Have a great week!!!