Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Thought I'd post's been crazy and I haven't been blogging much.

Meggan and I had an Open House last night - she did Scentsy, me and my Southern Living at HOME! It was so fun - and I got to see people I haven't seen in a while! Good times!

July has been a great month for SLAH! The Summer Sale went over well!!! It's still on through July 31 so let me know if you want anything. August will bring a NEW catalog and a WONDERFUL extra for Hostesses!!!!

The family is good. Emalyn is crawling now and she is extremely mobile. Plus she pulls up on everything she can get her hands on. When she gets up there she doesn't know quite what to do with herself, so you have to watch her!!! She's so cute. Morgan and Caleb are enjoying the summer, and Wade is trying to work without having a heatstroke! For me - life is good. The last couple of weeks have brought some surprises and changes, but we are all dealing with it.

It seems like there have been a large amount of deaths and accidents among the young people in our community this summer - keep the families in your prayers. It's been really tough for a lot of people.

I'll post more soon, I promise with pictures!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Urgent Prayers are Needed

I have a friend who is 20 weeks pregnant. She started having contractions last week - is now on bed rest. Any more contractions, she will be in the hospital! The doctors just need her to try and get to 25 weeks (and beyond!). Please pray for this family and their little baby boy - it is their first child, and they are SO excited! God can work miracles when His people pray!!!

Thanks everyone!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Southern Living at HOME!!!

I am ashamed I've let almost 2 weeks go by without posting, but I'm not going to try and rehash it all. It's been pretty busy! Hubby is off this week, and hanging out with Caleb, Meg & Em. Morgan is up at Nana's hanging out for the week. I am working, alas, but I am also very excited about something - the Southern Living at HOME Summer Sale!!! Last week was a short one, and kind of crazy with the weekend of the 4th (and Meg & Jacob's anniversary, and Boyd's birthday!) so I didn't post about it on the 1st. But it is SO EXCITING!!!! You can go to my website for the updated Sale Items list at
It's crazy - some items are 80% off!!!! AND you get can still get the Customer Specials for July.
PLUS you can preview Fall items NOW! This GORGEOUS Royal Street Urn will be in the new Fall Catalog, debuting in August, but you can buy it now!

So get excited...get ready for fall...I am getting ready to BUILD MY BUSINESS! This is a great time to start yours - in this economy, we can all use extra cash. Your initial investment for SLAH is minimal - $199 for our regular Starter Kit - and if you call or email me, I can tell you how to get if for HALF of that! So check out my website, the specials and the sales - and let me know what you think!!!