Thursday, November 12, 2009


so I haven't done very well keeping up with my posting. I have been SO busy!!! I think it's the devil's way of tearing me down. I'm determined to stop this weekend and declutter - my home and my mind.

Meggan & Emalyn are leaving tomorrow for North Carolina :( I think I might possibly have a bad weekend LOL. That baby girl is just the bomb!!! I will really miss her. I'm glad they'll be back for Christmas, though, and Jacob is ON HIS WAY HOME!!! So it's exciting times. My brother will go as far as Georgia with them, and they'll stop over at my aunt's, so maybe it won't be too bad of a drive for them. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel!

Caleb has basketball draft Saturday, so that will keep us busy for a couple of hours, but the rest I hope to spend cleaning out some closets before the holidays get here!

Morgan is going with the church youth group to watch the LUFKIN PANTHERS in their playoff game at Klein this weekend, then a little shopping time. She is excited about that!

Wade is working A LOT!!!! It IS hunting season here in East Texas, and they are having them in one after another. However, next weekend is our 17th Anniversary (!) and he'll take a day off so we can do something fun together.

My Southern Living at HOME business is still going!!! There are a couple of really good sales this month, with lots of Holiday Decorating items available, and the Hostess and Customer specials are really good. I can't wait to see what happens with the new catalog in January!!!! For now, I'm going to start getting excited about Christmas decorating soon, I just know it! You can always see my catalog online at!

I will vow to do better about posting - since the next month I will only see Em in pictures I probably will!!!!! Have a great day!

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