Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Online shopping with Willow House...

Online shopping is LIVE!!!  I am very excited to have this option to share with customers!!! No more waiting to add to a party, and now you can host a party and "virtually" invite everyone you know.  Check out my website from the link - click on SHOP, and you can view the entire catalog AND the outlet, where many discontinued items are available at GREAT discounts.

This NOLA bucket and stand is one of my favorites!
Perfect for a LSU game party!!!!

On the family front, Jacob & Meg are doing well in Georgia.  Meg just got a job, so we may not see sweet Emalyn for a while.  With hunting season starting, Wade will be super busy until after Christmas.  Then he will be having rotator cuff surgery, so travel will be postponed until later in 2011.  I may have to fly out for a quick weekend fix from my girl!  It is hard to believe she is almost 2 years old!!!!  Hopefully they can be here for one holiday or another.


She is the most precious child ever!! I do hope she will enjoy the other kids at "school".  I really do miss her, but she calls and "talks" to Gramps and Meme now.  She says "purple" and "pink" and lots of other words.  She really is so smart!!!

Morgan is preparing for her acting debut in a play next week, and Caleb's basketball schedule kicks off in a couple of weeks.  They are both doing well in school, and I am so proud of them!  Morgan is in her Jr. year - doesn't seem possible she will be graduating next year!  Caleb is 5'11", and I don't believe he is anywhere through growing!

Wade & I had a weekend "away" last weekend - our last time of relaxation before we get so busy we can't think straight!!!  It was beautiful weather, so we headed to the beach for a couple of days.  It was nice!

The weather was perfect, and the water was almost blue (which is weird for Galveston). We had a good time. 

Last night we finally got some rain, which we needed desperately.  Even though we've enjoyed the beautiful weather we've been having the past few weeks, it was getting super dry!

Please continue to keep Kari in your prayers, she had a mitral valve replacement this week.  She is still critical, but stable, and getting stronger.  She has a long recovery ahead, but nothing is impossible when GOD is on your side!!!  She got to spend a few days at home before this surgery, so that was a HUGE blessing!

Also remember the family in our community who lost everything they own in a fire Sunday night.  Mom & Dad, two kids, all are safe, but their possessions were all destroyed.  The community will come together to help them, I know!  This is just one of the immeasurable needs out there - PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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