Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It is HOT...

all across the South this summer!  We are having 100+ days here in East Texas, but it's a good excuse to get in the pool. 

I can't believe it's only two weeks until the kids go back to school.  I am in no way ready for that!  I do love fall and the fun decorating, not to mention football (GEAUX, Tigers!) and watching my kids play basketball, but I MISS summertime when it's gone.  I love longer days of sunshine, the feeling of freedom, and yes, even the HOT heat!  It makes me want to move to a beach in the tropics somewhere.  I think I could handle it!

Last weekend, Morgan and I went to a wedding.  It was one of Meggan's friends from school that got married, and Meg had hoped to be here for it, but got the call to go to Georgia last week instead.  However, Morgan and I really enjoyed seeing some people we haven't seen in a long time.  It was just crazy, seeing all of these girls up there, one in a gorgeous wedding gown, some in beautiful aqua bridesmaid dresses, and the others all dressed up.  I mean, I remember when these girls graduated from Kindergarten!  And I don't FEEL that much older LOL!  They have all grown up to be beautiful young ladies, but it certainly doesn't seem like that much time could have passed by!!!!

In Kari news, she is improving daily and getting stronger!  She still needs a transplant - likely heart/lung - but her kidneys are much better, she is off dialysis, and they are removing many of her "hookups" so she can walk around and move more freely.  Praise God!!!!  Pray that she continues to improve and gets the organs she needs!

This week we'll be at it hard, and spend next week trying to get everything ready for BACK TO SCHOOL!

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