Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy Week and TEA parties

It was a busy long week!!! Ball practice and house appraisal on Monday, then Morgan and Caleb BOTH had ballgames Tuesday night.
Thursday Meggan, Jacob, Emalyn and Ice arrived from North Carolina (via Atlanta!)!!!!! They were SO tired, but we are SO happy they got here safe and sound!

Friday should've been more ballgames, but the rain came down! It rained and rained and rained...but it was kinda nice to have a night off and listen to the sound of it.

Wednesday, also known as tax day, was also known this year as Tea Party Day! This is my blog, so you will find various and sundry posts from me - political, religious, family, business - whatever I feel like writing about! We did not get to attend the Tea Party in Nacogdoches, but they had about 2200 people - which is a lot on the downtown square in the Oldest Town in Texas! We did watch the coverage on TV, but I sure wish I could've gone...and taken my kids. I have lots of opinions about our government, the current AND past administrations, and the reaction to these Tea Parties, which I will post about later...all I will say here is I had to go look up teabagger to see what it meant after all the cracks on MSNBC and CNN - it is NOT nice!!!
Also, I do not consider myself uneducated, redneck, rascist OR stupid!!!! I am beginning to doubt my Republican party affiliation (and I'm definitely not a Dem)!! I think we need to create a NEW party - the party of COMMON FREAKING SENSE! That party I would join!!
Anyway, the Gonzalez headed to Freer on Friday (got out ahead of the rain) so Nonnie and I hit Sam's Club on Saturday. I guess we got in just in time for the deluge to happen while we were inside! It rained about 4 inches in 2 hours in East Texas - it was crazy!!! Roads were flooded and our back yard had a new creek running through it - that hasn't happened in YEARS! But then the sun came out and the rest of Saturday was pretty nice. We were still getting some things done to the house and working around there.
Sunday we all slept in and were heathens - I always feel bad when I miss church, but we have really been pushing ourselves the past couple of weeks - Caleb spent Saturday night with his cousin, and we spent Sunday afternoon cleaning up and helping get things ready for the big kids to come back. They returned late Sunday, and we all got ready for another week...

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