Friday, April 3, 2009

What a Whiner!

Okay, I was reading my last blog, and I realized, what a whiner I am! So I can only hope you'll forgive me for that!
You see two buttons on my page - pray for Stellan and pray for Kayleigh. These are two babies whose moms were told they would never make it, and yet continue to defy man's odds! Only by the grace of God!!! Read their stories, and pray for them and their families. What a testimony to the fact that we are a person from the day of conception - and God does NOT make mistakes!
They are two of MANY out there who are struggling with REAL issues...disease, sickness, sadness, loss, financial hardship, loneliness... the list goes on, but it's not overwhelming because God is in control! Reading what they are going through reminded me...
it's not so bad around here! Praise God! So here's a list of what I should be thankful for...

Hubby and I have jobs
We are buying a home
My kids are healthy, talented, intelligent and beautiful
My granddaughter is a blessing
My son-in-law defends our freedom
I have more than I need
I have awesome friends
I have a wonderful family
I can go to church and read a Bible whenever I want (how many of us take this for granted? I do!)
And many more...

Life isn't always easy, but we weren't promised easy! And most of the hard is from our own doings! God loves us and wants all the best for us - I believe that!
I'm also not trying to diminish what some of us DO go through - financial hardships are tough and stressful, when our kids misbehave it is SO hard, when we don't feel good, life isn't fun...
but remember... look around, there is always someone going through something worse - praying for them can help put our own situation into perspective!
Have a blessed Friday and an awesome weekend!!!

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