Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mid-Week Update

I know my blogging is pretty random...that's how I roll !!!
Monday was Jacob's birthday, which we celebrated with a fish fry and a big Chocolate-Caramel cake. It was SO good! We all stayed up late, enjoying our last visit for awhile.
Tuesday morning Meggan and Emalyn took Jacob to the airport. Rob-Rob drove them so she could help with Emalyn. OF COURSE, Delta Airlines made Jacob PAY to check his 2 extra bags since he didn't have his orders with him. The attendant was rude, and I swear I will be making many many complaints to them. I will NEVER fly Delta again - it is so ridiculous that the very men/women who keep our country safe have to pay to transport all their gear across country to do their job!!! Meggan said there was a young man in the Army going as well, and they made him pay. It's not just the $40 to me - it's the attitude the attendants had!
But he got off and landed safely in North Carolina, where he will spend the next few days getting ready to head out.
Meggan & Rob-Rob went to IKEA and Babies R Us, with a stop in to Ulta for our quarterly beauty supplies!
Morgan had a morning appt, then back to school. It rained and rained, so Wade didn't have much to do at work, and picked up the kiddos from school. He has a busy weekend coming up at work!
I left work and stopped in at the Women's Expo the Lufkin Daily News sponsors at the Civic Center. There were lots of booths for women's wellness, health and a few shopping/fun booths. I did pick up a beautiful plant for my porch for only $12!!! I was excited!!
Then home to try to corral the place. We found out the house closing will probably be Monday (it is now for sure Monday) so we are trying to help Nonnie get packed and ready to move into HER new home.
Today was pretty typical - Meggan took Emalyn to the dr. today. She weighs 13 lbs - she's getting so big - and can start on baby veggies and rice cereal (which you know we've done the rice cereal already). YAY!
Tomorrow is TAKS testing for Caleb and Morgan, so they have to get lots of rest tonight. Uncle David is also on the last leg of his journey driving in from Minnesota and should be here soon!
With all this swine flu, it's getting kind of scary. They've cancelled or put off a lot of UIL activities, and a child died in Texas today - the first U.S. death. It's so sad - and it scares me to think what could be coming. Everyone be careful out there - cover your mouth and wash your hands OFTEN!
Happy Wednesday!

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