Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hard Days...

Have you ever had a couple of hard days... when you know things aren't really that bad, but stuff just piles on, you're busy, and you're stressing? That would describe my week so far...
but I KNOW it's just a "feeling". And as Joyce Meyer always says, feelings will get you nowhere!
Monday was just busy, busy. Morgan's team had a game in Center, which I drove over for. She didn't get to play, so she was disappointed, and we lost the game (and Varsity as well) so we were ALL disappointed. It was a late night, and we were TIRED!
Yesterday was a FULL day at work. I had to leave mid-morning to take Caleb for a checkup with his dr. Caleb will be 11 in June - and since November he has grown 6 inches and gained 19 lbs!!!! My baby is 5'6"!!!!!! OMG!!!!! It's so unbelievable to me that he has grown so quickly! He's complained of some aches and pains, but apparently that is normal for growing boys. However, the doc DID see some curvature in his spine. Now for some people that is no big deal, but in our family, scoliosis is something we keep an eye on. Nonnie has it, I have it, and apparently have passed it on to all 3 kids! Meggan had a 57 degree curve, and at 15 had to have a spinal fusion to correct hers. Morgan's is mild, and hopefully will never progress. Now, it has shown up in Caleb - likely due to the fast rate of growth these past few months. We did a quick x-ray of his spine, and the dr. will keep an eye on it through the coming years. Of course, between waiting an hour and a half to see the doc for 5 minutes, then waiting on the x-ray, I was gone for 4 hours!!!!!
At any rate, my children and their bodies are in God's hands and not going to be a worry for me!!!!! (I said it, and I believe it!)
We are still on the quest to upgrade our family plan with AT&T - the phones we want are NEVER in stock in the store. Then I spent a total of about 3 hours on the phone being bounced from one dept. to another, trying to upgrade one line with a phone Morgan wants. That didn't work out so well, and I was pretty much done with them after that.
Then I headed out to the school for Morgan's Tuesday night ballgame - at which she didn't play yet again. More disappointment, and quite frankly, it's hard to understand why some of these girls work really hard and don't get a chance to hit or play for the team. Who attitude wasn't the greatest after the afternoon I had had. I pay $4 to walk in our home park, to watch my daughter's teammates play, to then WORK in the concession stand for Booster Club? It just wasn't my day!
I did manage to get MOST of the paperwork complete for the house loan, though. Nonnie has found a new home, and she is ready to go... so as soon as we wrap it all up, we will be homeowners at last, and Nonnie will settle in to a beautiful new home.
The kids will be here in just two weeks - YAY! Did I mention I miss Emalyn?
Today has been a crazy one... first of the month and all that. But it will get's Humpday and I'm halfway through it, church is tonight, and payday is almost here!
Have a GREAT BLESSED week everyone - JOY in EVERYTHING!!!!

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