Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yard Sales & Sunshine

It has been the most beautiful few days of weather here in East Texas!!! Cool in the mornings, sunny ALL day long - I love this kind of weather. I hate being cooped up inside during the day, but I AM thankful to have a job!!!
Getting ready for this Yard Sale has been a chore. I work full-time, so I haven't been able to work on the house or yard sale during the day. Maybe I can pull it all together tonight! We'll see...the storage building HAS to be emptied out, so I'll head over there after work and start on that. Most of it is sorted, it's just a matter of getting it to the house now. Hopefully other people will benefit from what I am getting rid of - most of it is good stuff, I've just decided I don't need it all!
I also hope the sunshine holds - I hear rumors of a rainy weekend. Monday is a holiday, so it will give me time to recover.
Speaking of Monday - please remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms! Freedoms we are gradually letting slip away every day...I just pray that they didn't all die in vain. And keep those serving now in your prayers...they do a big job for little pay, not much thanks, and have families who love and miss them!
So come on by the yard sale this Fri & Sat...see what goodies await. You might even see some Southern Living at Home if you look hard!!!!

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