Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

I just had some random thoughts today...about life in general, moving into a new home, SLAH, blogs I've read, the state our country is in...
I have always loved to read and write, but never thought of myself as "creative" (and still don't). This blog is just an outlet for what I'm thinking, when I have time to post, and to keep family and friends up to date on what's going on with our family. Heck, I'm not sure anyone ever even reads it!!! But it's like a diary of sorts, which I've never been good at keeping up with :)
So if you DO read it, please enjoy.
Here is Caleb's ball team (the RedSox). Our coaches are SO great - Caleb is the tallest kid in the photo (3rd from right)! They've had a lot of fun this year. Thanks Wes and Cody and everyone else who helps!

We are slowly getting settled in to our home. The phone man was out yesterday - I got a little perturbed that he was there running new lines and hooking up our landline, but they can't come out till next Monday with cable and internet. HUH? He's already here - why can't he do it all? But what do I know...the rep told me he was only there to test the lines, but lo and behold, we had phone service when he left! Anyway, I got over it until I missed AI last night >:( Then I was a little upset, but maybe I can catch it on youtube?
Speaking of the house, I am feeling SO unsettled these days. It's weird, because we moved back from South Texas SO fast, and had to throw everything in storage, that I've lived without most of my own belongings for a year and a half. Going through it all now I realize, I have WAY TOO MUCH CRAP!!! And some of those things I used to LOVE and just HAD to have...I don't want them anymore!!!!! Sad, isn't it? But things truly are not what is important in life. That being said, I do love the decorating blogs I read, and I LOVE having a warm, inviting pretty home. It may be awhile before I get back to having that...but I'm working on it. I have found lots of Southern Living at Home items I haven't gotten to use before. That was exciting!
So I will be having a yard sale March 22-23 to get rid of this stuff. There should be some nice things in there, because if I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it's gone. Make way for new!

These are my new plates that should be here any day now.This is one of the products you can get for FREE in May!!!I'm REALLY excited about getting the house together enough to host a Monthly Open House for Southern Living at Home. That should be fun!!! I love sharing the products and ideas. So stay tuned in for that info coming soon...

I read LOTS of other blogs, and reading one only leads to reading another...I mentioned Kayleigh Freeman the other day. Kayleigh's story breaks my heart, and I know there are many similar stories out there. When you say your prayers today, please keep all of these hurting families in them. There is a lot of hurt and sadness in the world, but God is great and HE is bigger than all of it!!! If you can remember that, it keeps things in perspective.

Which, of course, applies to the state our country is in. It can be a little overwhelming and scary at times, but I try to remember, our government is NOT who you should depend on - GOD is!!! So even when it seems like the whole world has gone crazy...God is in control. But I wonder what people are thinking! Do you really think Nancy Pelosi knows what's best for us? Or any of the other radicals in Washington? It's about having power...and that isn't good for any of "us" in America. When illegal immigrants and terrorists have more rights than US citizens - people should get angry! When you are being taxed at every turn (not just your income taxes either, there are hidden taxes everywhere) and yet no one is accountable for how that money is spent - you should ask WHY? As long as there is sin in this world, there will be inequality, but we do not have to stand by and allow it to expand. And I'm not a "radical, right-wing extremist" - unless you believe the new government definition! I'm not a "teabagger" (I had to look this one up after the tea parties, which I did not get to attend, but really wanted to - and was highly offended that supposedly intelligent liberals had to resort to THAT sort of namecalling and rudeness), I believe even unborn babies have the unalienable right to life, and the right to CHOOSE happens BEFORE conception, I believe in freedom of religion - EVERYWHERE - in schools, in my home, and anywhere I want to practice it, I believe in the 2nd amendment, and I do NOT believe that legal gun ownership promotes gun crimes, I believe people are people, and that racism is wrong, and I believe that PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT AND COURTESY for others are what is lacking and causing the downfall in our society today.

NOW I'm off my soapbox for today...randomness prevails!!!

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