Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loooooong Weekend Update

WHEW! What a weekend!
Thursday evening was crazy! I got my hair cut (a little shorter!) and finished picking out our furniture at Castleberrys. I LOVE it! I'll post pics when we get it. Then we finished hauling stuff out of storage for the Yard Sale.
Friday was a pretty day, with not MUCH threat of rain. The kids & Aunt Rob-Rob worked the Yard Sale so I could go to work. They had quite a bit of traffic and the kids made a little spending money. After work, we headed BACK to storage to pick up the rest of what we had that I decided I might as well sell. Morgan was hanging out with Rachel at the pool & the mall, so Meggan, Caleb, Emalyn & I went to Sonic for dinner.
Saturday was an EARLY day. Wade had to work, so he got me up and I started hauling the Yard Sale stuff out again. Leah came over to help me, and Rob-Rob and Boyd came soon after. We didn't have a lot of people - I assumed being a holiday weekend, or maybe because there were LOTS of yard sales going on around town. It kept sprinkling on us and threatening rain, so we finally covered it all up with a tarp and ended the sale.
I went in and took a nap! I needed it! Then we got up and worked on halfway putting the house together. I tell you, I was TIRED!!!!
Sunday morning I slept in and didn't get up when the alarm went off, so I didn't make it to church. I spent the whole day clearing out, organizing and trying to clean up around the house. We watched a movie, Eagle Eye, that I hadn't seen - it was really good! Then the kids & I headed to town for groceries. They spent their money at Old Navy, then we hit Wal-Mart for groceries (I HATE WallyWorld). We headed over to Sam's and picked up Wade's Father's Day gift a bit early, but they have a grill he's been wanting for awhile, so we went ahead and got it. He was SO excited! When we got home, he put it together AND cooked on it for us!!!!
Monday I got up and did the rest of my errands early - hit Target and Castleberrys (to finalize my order) and went home to finish up laundry. It was kind of a lazy day for us, and I appreciated having the day off, but I always remember what Memorial Day is actually for - to remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms!!! With Jacob out on a MEU it is even more important to our family this year. He is able to email Meggan some, and is doing okay.
Meggan took Emalyn back to the dr. and switched her meds to Zantac. It seems to be helping ,as she is eating First Foods and sleeping through the night now sometimes.
Monday night Wade grilled hamburgers and had some strawberry shortcake that was yummy!
Then about 10:30, we realized that the temp reading on our refrigerator was up to 55 degrees! OH MY! We threw away milk and other perishables, and put the items that survived in coolers covered in ice. It was a late night!
Tuesday was back to work, and Morgan babysat for a friend. I spent the day working and shopping online for a new fridge. I found one YAY! at Home Depot - it is so pretty. An LG and it's Titanium, so fingerprints don't really show, but it looks like stainless. We had to pick it up ourselves to get it last night, but we got it in there after MUCH work and worry - I won't even go into it.
Due to the refrigerator pickup, we also missed 1/2 of Caleb's last ballgame. Apparently he had a hit that got him to first, but it was not a great game - we got beat 16 - 0!!!! That was bad. It's okay though, he really had fun, and baseball is now Caleb's favorite sport YAY ME!!!!!
Charlotte got some great pics of him this season, too.
So it was a late night, and my knee is really bothering me, but maybe over the next couple of weeks I can get some furniture in and feel like I've halfway restored some sanity in my home!
ALSO - be looking for my Southern Living at Home ad in the Journey Market. Journey is a magazine for women (online at and has some great articles/info. It is also published here locally. I'm excited to see if I book any parties from my ad!
Have a great week - it's Wednesday already, so I'm looking forward to Friday and putting up our ghetto pool!!!!

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