Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bridwell blogs

You know, all this time, I thought we were the only Bridwells on the planet. Yes, I realize how self-involved that sounded. If the shoe fits...
Anyway, when creating my new blog on blogspot, I entered bridwellfamily as my blog name. Not available! Not available? What?
So I tried thebridwells - not available. bridwell - not available. What? So I started looking through all of the blogs - there are quite a few Bridwell families out there. Some even in Texas! I wonder if we're all related...
The one that really threw me was where every one was posted by Holly. OMG - another Holly Bridwell in the world! Be afraid, people, be VERY afraid.
And to you other Bridwells out there - drop us a line. Let's plan a reunion!

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