Thursday, February 12, 2009

What are the American Idol judges thinking?

Today's blog is going to be more of a rant.
I had to calm down from last night before I could even write this.
I am a HUGE American Idol fan, and the last 3 seasons my favorites have won. But after last night's show it will be all I can do to watch it again!!!! (Who am I kidding? You know I'm gonna watch it again!)
We all know "reality TV" isn't reality, and I know there are hours and hours of footage we do NOT see, but when the footage we DO see is so bad, and contestants stay on anyway, you have to wonder why anyone would audition for this show to begin with!
ATTENTION: AI Judges: You are sending home people with actual talent, and you keep drama queens and idiots who will NEVER make Top 12!! Which just takes a spot away from someone who can actually sing!
How could you keep Tatiana? What are you thinking? I had so hoped that reason and sanity would win out over the drama effect, but I was wrong, so wrong!!!! Seriously, how could you? She is either crazy or abusing a controlled substance! And now I have to listen to that crazy laughter one more week. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!
And you send home Jamar? I swear, I almost turned off the TV right then!!!!! How could you make him face off against his BEST FRIEND? I mean, at first I thought it was just for the dramatic effect, and that they were going to say "You've both made it through!" Again, I was wrong!! And you know what? To see the two of them work through to the top 12 would have been WAY better for your ratings than keeping these crazy people on who are so self-absorbed and irritating.
I mean, HELLO, remember Season 7? Nice guys really CAN win!
To even consider keeping Tatiana, or Norman/Nick (WTH?) who, in my opinion, waited a little too late to take things seriously! Or people who couldn't finish their songs, forgot the words, walked off stage??? We all know nerves happen, and I of all people sympathize with that, but as the judges always say, if they can't handle the stress at this stage of the game, what will happen when the stress REALLY ramps up?
And then, you face off my FAVORITE Michael Sarver with Matt!!!???!!! Again, time spent on drama rather than time spent on the people with talent! I mean, Nathaniel Marshall's story is sad, and he can sing OK, but like Tatiana, is SO not worth all the drama with him. And the outfits? Do we really think that is AI material?
I just hope the drama kinda settles down now. I actually enjoy watching to see how the contestants react to the pressure, how they choose their songs, how they change up old classics, how well they just SING! I'm ready to get to that!
I think some early favorites are going to be Adam Lambert and Jasmine Murray. Of course, Michael Sarver (JASPER TX hometown boy!) is great, and I'm rooting for him to go all the way!
Kendall Beard from Lufkin is still in there, too.
And you know I'll be watching all the way to the end...

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Holly, I think you have a thing for writing. Good stuff...