Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb Southern Living at HOME news

I really do love my SLAH business so I thought I'd share a little bit about it!
So many people love the products, but don't think they can afford them. YOU CAN!
You really can get free products for hosting parties. Most people make this harder than it should be. You just have a few friends over, throw out cookies (from the store is fine!) and a pot of coffee or tea, and have fun! If you're too busy for that, you just take a catalog everywhere you go - people will ASK you if they can look at it.
Our Monthly Specials are really great - the savings are so good, and these are truly quality products. When I first started, Wade & I unpacked my starter kit (back in 2003!) and he was testing out all of the iron pieces!!! If he's convinced, you know it's good!

For February, SLAH is offering a "Mini-Starter Kit" that is only $99 to get you started
. It has over $300 worth of product plus business supplies to get you started.
Then the new Consultant Incentives start. You can earn all kinds of free stuff for sales and sponsoring when you first start out.
I have Spring Catalogs available - call me for your own copy, or just click on the link and see the virtual catalog online.
Happy Decorating!!!

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