Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend update...

Yesterday was such a busy day! Caleb had two ballgames. They lost the first game (barely) and he had a really good game, until he fouled out in the 4th quarter :(. The second game went into double overtime but we pulled it out! Good job, Blue Devils!!!!

Then Nana and Garlon came over to meet Emalyn. Nana fed her and held her the whole time she was over. They had been to Lufkin to visit Uncle Aleck and come over to see Emalyn.
Then we all took naps! Well, we ARE grandparents, I suppose it was inevitable that we'd start doing the afternoon nap thing eventually!
Morgan was off to a movie last night with a friend, and Meggan and I hit Target for diapers for Emalyn. Well, we said it was for diapers, but in reality we both have an addiction to Target. We have withdrawals if we're not there every day or so!

I got up with Emalyn last night and again about 6 am today. BOY am I glad I am not doing that all the time! Needless to say, while everyone else got up and headed off to church I was useless! In between doing forty-eight loads of laundry, I had to take ANOTHER quick nap.

Caleb & Wade headed out fishing, and they caught the biggest catfish I've ever seen! And if you've seen a bigger one, I don't want to hear about it!! I said it was the biggest one I had ever seen!

Meggan's friend Kristen came by to see Emalyn - it's been forever since we've seen her! I miss our friends from Douglass!!! One of my goals this year is to try to make more time to get together with friends!

Then the girls and I headed out to Robin's house to see her kitchen renovation progress. It looks really good - I know she's been working hard! Boyd's room is done up in dinosaurs and it is SO SO cute!

This evening, Grandpa and Pat Bridwell came over to meet Emalyn. They were impressed that she had so much hair!

The rest of the evening was "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition" and HGTV! That is our Sunday night routine!!!! Such a sad story on EMHE tonight - but a beautiful castle of a home for that family. I love that show! Emalyn slept through it all on Nonnie's lap. So sweet!

So - not too much excitement - but this is a typical weekend for us!

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