Thursday, February 19, 2009

Confusion and Disarray

I have been so focused on the problems we've had this week (well, actually I've talked about it so much I have to take a break from thinking about it!!!) but we are dealing with some things with Caleb and school - so if you happen to read this blog, just say a prayer for us. I don't really feel like explaining it all, let's just say that there are two sides to every story and we SO want our son to step up and live up to his potential.
Since I'm his mom, you know I feel like it's the world against us and this 10-year old kid. I know that's not accurate at all, it was just how I felt yesterday. Besides, even if the whole world IS against us, they couldn't stand against God with us!!
God gave us 3 beautiful kids, each with their own challenges. This week has been full of particularly hard ones! So keep us in your prayers - especially tonight and tomorrow, as we go meet with administrators at Caleb's school. Pray that we ALL do what's best for Caleb, and that egos and attitudes can be put aside to help Caleb be the best he can be.
In other news... MICHAEL SARVER IS THROUGH ON AMERICAN IDOL!!! I am SO SO excited for him!!! He's great and he deserved it!
Tatiana went home (rightly so) but is it just me, or did she appear to be drugged the last couple of shows?
Morgan is playing in the Hudson Softball Tournament this weekend. There are 50 teams coming for our little ol' tourney here in Lufkin! That's crazy!!!! Morgan's team has 2 games each day starting at 9 this morning - all 3 Hudson teams are playing all weekend. Today we have beautiful weather for it. It will be wild - GO LADY HORNETS!!!
Meggan, Emalyn and Jacob are home and doing well. My cell phone is on its way home :) Nonnie leaves Saturday for an extended visit with her family and then on to Washington D.C. so we will miss her! My Grannie's in a nursing home and not doing real well so keep her in your thoughts and prayers as well.
I'll post more later when I feel like writing :)

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