Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekend Update (even if it is Midweek!)

Since last Wednesday, there's been a lot going on! I've got to get better at blogging daily!!!
Last week ended up okay - Thursday we headed over to Old Navy, Target & WalMart. I love Old Navy (great deals on the kids' stuff!) and Caleb bought his first pair of "men's" shorts. They're always out of size 16 boys, but he can wear the smallest men's size, and he's so tall it really doesn't matter. Of course I know they cost more, but hey, Old Navy always has a great sale. Morgan picked up a cute skirt & pair of shoes for a birthday party on Friday, so they were both happy. We also found the CUTEST flowered dress with a hat to match - all on clearance! It doesn't get any better than that!
Friday night we were invited out to eat with some good friends. After dropping Morgan off at Loren's party, we headed over to The Beach for dinner. It's a fairly new restaurant/club here in town. The food was okay, the company was great! We all headed back to the house to visit for awhile afterwards. The "boys" all rode in one car, us "girls" in the other. Seeing Keith & Wade rocking out to 80's hair bands in a minivan was priceless - we all laughed so hard we almost wet our pants!
Then Meggan and I went to Wal-Mart (YES I went to Walmart) about 10:30 to get some formula and kill time before picking up Morgan at midnight. It was interesting, to say the least, to be in Wal-Mart at that time of night. Let's just say, I am getting OLD! Of course there were lots of graduations around tonight, so people were out after those as well. Speaking of that -
Congratulations to Zayne (Central HS), Mark (Corsicana HS) and all the other 2009 Grads out there!!!!
Then picked up Morgan and a couple of extra friends to spend the night & headed home.
Saturday I tried to sleep in, but Wade had to work, so I got on up around 7:00 and started cleaning house. Rob-Rob was doing her yard sale, so we headed over there to see if she needed help. Dave came over and helped me load our old refrigerator to head to the dump.
After we got home, I headed over to the ball field to help with Red Sox concession stand duty. It's a good thing I went~ Wes was there alone working it!
Headed home, back to town (to exchange pool filters), then home again to finish setting up the pool. I call it our ghetto pool, since it's the fill up, raise up kind - but it's 4' deep and I'm cool with it!!! I love summer and's my backyard oasis LOL! I spent the rest of the night watering plants and watching the Women's Softball College World Series. ('Bama was my favorite to win, or at least ANY SEC school - NOT a Pac10 school again!) Ryan came over to spend the night with Morgan, so I got to visit with her mom for a few minutes. I never have pics of Morgan, so I thought I'd put this one on!
Sunday we got up and spent the ENTIRE day going back and forth to storage - clearing out the storage building for GOOD!!! We got the last load (my piano) out around 6:00 pm. It was HOT! The kids helped early on, then we left them in the pool while we went back and forth. Grampa and Pat had to help us for the piano with a low trailer. But HEY we got it all in. Then the kids, Wade & I made a line and hauled it all in the house.
I know one thing - we have TOO MANY "THINGS"!!!!! So begins the process of cleaning out and throwing away.
We also stopped by Home Depot & I picked up lantana for the back yard, and some stepping stones for the pool. That made it look a little bit better, but there's a long way to go out there!
Monday morning was HARD to get up, but I managed. After all, it was JUNE 1!!! Can you believe it? June already.
That evening were baseball closing ceremonies - Caleb & I headed over for that. They all got their trophies and we headed home. One of the coaches told Caleb he had the best batting average in the whole league - YAY CALEB!!! He hit the fence this year, so it was a good one. Of course, apparently not good enough for the AllStar Team (HUH?) but that's just a mom griping! I don't think Caleb even cares :)
Next week is baseball camp, and we're excited about that. Caleb loves sports, and he's definitely athletic. Now to develop that talent!!!

Yesterday was a long day! My whole body hurt from all that moving!!! We did get to take it easy last night, though, and just hang out eating taco salad & watching the last game of the WCWS (BOO! Washington) Florida just couldn't pull it out. Oh well...NEXT YEAR!

I've been reading the Left Behind book series again. I decided to start at the beginning and read them, considering they don't sound so far-fetched to me anymore! I mean, who would've thought, even a year ago, that we'd be where we are today?!? Referred to as a Muslim nation by our President, an economy that is dying, government ownership of private car companies! It's so crazy!! But the world IS uncertain; therefore, you should only trust in God, who is certain. Part of my problem with President Obama is that he tells the citizens of this country that the government will take care of them. So wrong! And who are our elected officials who let this go on? Someone really needs to step up. I am looking forward to more TEA parties on July 4!! I mean, in an economy where unemployment is on the rise, and our President is preaching to all of US about conserving energy and how we can't drive our SUVs, eat all that we want, keep our AC on 72 degrees, etc. etc. and expect the rest of the world to look to us to set examples... then why is it OK for him to use OUR taxpayer money to take HIS wife on a date to NYC that ends up costing US around $50,000???? That's not rhetoric - you can look up the actual costs - it's HAPPENING! There are people in this country who can not afford to take their wife out for a steak dinner right now, THANKS TO DECISIONS MADE BY OUR GOVERNMENT, and they are flying around for dinner and a show? THAT'S not being a good example!!!

And my anger is directed at almost EVERYONE in the Washington government setup - Republicans and Democrats alike!!! Most politicians are the same, no matter what party, out for power and personal gain at OUR expense. And we keep electing them!!!!!!!!!!

There was a lot of news over the weekend, and I missed it until Monday. Mainly, the murder of Dr. George Tiller, the abortion doctor from Kansas. Now, I've read many blogs from both sides about this, and some of them are horrendous! Many liberals are blaming ALL conservatives who oppose abortion (HELLO? WE ALL pulled the trigger?) Many conservatives are saying he got what he deserved. Both of those views are SO WRONG!

First of all, Dr. Tiller was in violation of the law when he performed late-term abortions AFTER they had been outlawed. So all of you PROCHOICE (who's choice? I always say. Where is the baby's choice?) PEOPLE can just get over the whole "he isn't doing anything wrong, abortion's legal" argument. And if he WASN'T doing anything wrong, why did the Kansas governor need to lie about how much money he had donated to her? All of that being said, this lunatic - who, SUPRISE! - is not a NORMAL conservative ProLifer - was so wrong in what he did that I cannot emphasize it enough! Dr. Tiller has to answer to God in the end, no matter what! That's where justice comes in. So many things on this earth are just not FAIR - but if we all got what we truly deserve, we'd all burn in hell, cause we're all sinners. God's grace is what saves us. Who knows, given the chance, Dr. Tiller might've made that decision somewhere down the road and been a great warrior for God. Now we'll never know.

And these lunatic truly extremists do NOT represent the majority of conservative Americans. Do the Muslim extremists represent all of the Muslims in the USA? I hope not. Do they all agree with the shooting at the Little Rock Recruiter's Station? Or that a young man serving in our US Army was killed by him? Simply because he hates America (his native country) and what we are doing? Where is the national condemnation for him? Where is the word domestic terrorist here? Because THAT IS WHAT HE IS!!! And he had plans to kill more - he was just stopped too soon. Of course, the media would rather tell you about how FOX radio hosts are the reason Dr. Tiller was killed. LUDICROUS! Since when do we as Americans TOLERATE these actions???

I'm off my soapbox for awhile, but these things affect ALL of us! If you think they do not, pay attention! All of the hidden taxes add up, and they affect YOU - in your food, your gas, your car, your electricity, it goes on and on and on...


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