Friday, March 6, 2009

Last night...

I know I haven't posted my all-important American Idol opinion lately.
Last week we were gone every evening, and I finally caught up on the episodes I missed on the DVR. Kind of an ordinary week on AI, but I must brag on myself - I did pick the Top 3!
This week, Tuesday night was a must-see, as Kendall Beard was performing, and she is from right here in little ol' Lufkin, Texas! She didn't make it through :( but at least Michael Sarver is in the Top 12!!!! (Caution: Spoiler - Oops I mean Top 13!) Again, I picked the Top 3!!!
Then, when they announced the wild card contestants - I thought, TATIANA? WHAT? Are you MAD? Again, she appeared to be drugged! And last night, where did that HEAVY accent come from? What a drama queen! THANK GOODNESS they did not put her through.
The first week, my only dilemma was that I thought Anoop was so great - but if it was him or Michael...sorry, I have to go with the Texas boy! So I was SO SO HAPPY last night when the judges decided that 13 could go - because Anoop really can sing! And he is totally likeable. It should be a great competition and I am SO ready for the REAL competition to get started.

On to family news...
Caleb's basketball team won their game last night in the first round of the All-Star Tournament! He is #1 (no really, it's on his jersey!) and a post. I am very proud of them - they did great! Next game is Saturday. Morgan's just waiting for gametime Monday.

Meggan called yesterday and has strep throat again - but Jacob was not in the bus crash, thank goodness. Emalyn is doing great - more pics to come! Nonnie will be home on Tuesday. One more week and it will be Spring Break - I am so ready!!!

One more week until Spring Break and I AM READY!!!

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