Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Update...

It was a beautiful weekend here in East Texas... almost like Spring was actually here for good! I got out Saturday morning and worked in the flower beds - they needed mucho help. I sat down to weed around the asparagus ferns, but after I discovered a little chicken snake was hanging out under there, I got the hoe out! We got quite a bit done, and after the last cold spell (reportedly coming this way for the end of our week) I will get new plantings in and mulch it all. I did put out my best bargain find of the season - a blue glass garden ball I got at Hobby Lobby for only $5!!
Then we were off to the 2nd round of Caleb's All-Star Tournament. The other team had to forfeit, as they did not have enough players show up, so it was all good, but then we all decided to let them play since we were there. All I can say is, it's a good thing we already had the win, because they stomped us! Come to find out, we were up against a select team that practices together pretty much year round, while our little 9 and 10-year old boys had maybe 4 practices together as a team. Oh well - now we know what to expect if we play them again! Next game is Wednesday night.
Sunday was pretty much church and getting the house ready for another crazy week. It was a nice day, and I LOVE getting the extra daylight, but I sure hate losing that hour of sleep! Of course, we forgot to change our clocks on Saturday night, but we still got up and made it to church!
Yesterday was back to school as normal. Morgan had a checkup from her pneumonia a couple of weeks ago, and all is clear. The pollen is out though - every car in town is YELLOW from the stuff - so Dr. put her on Singulair until allergy season is over.
Last night the Lady Hornets Sophomore team hosted Huntington's Soph team. We won 3-2! It was a good game. Morgan didn't get a hit, but she had a great catch at 1st. Next play is this weekend at the Nacogdoches Tournament.
Nonnie comes home today, so I'm hoping things will soon feel "normal" again. I guess they really won't be...it's really weird when you lose a grandparent who's always been there. I don't think it's really sunk in for me yet. I was pretty close to my Grannie all these years, and I haven't really wrapped my head around her not being around any longer. I know it's harder on my Mom & her siblings - they have now lost both parents. I can't imagine...and don't want to! I know God will carry us all through, but it is hard at times.
Meggan took Emalyn in for her 2 month checkup today ~ she's almost 12 pounds now! She got her shots, too. Meggan said that was not so much fun :( I sure do miss that little girl!!!!
I'll let you know how the games go...

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