Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update...

Happy Spring Break! I'm so happy the kids are out of school this week...we needed a break!

The weekend was rainy and blah weather. It rained ALL DAY Friday and on and off Saturday.

Friday night Caleb had a basketball game - we lost to Diboll, but only by 12 points! It was a good game - we got 3rd place in the tournament! Congratulations to the Hudson All-Stars! I was told the Diboll coach works at the Boys & Girls Club, and those boys play together all the time. They were a good team, but they could ALL learn a thing or two about sportsmanship. At one point, the Diboll coach yelled "Put it to 'em" and the parents from that team got pretty loud as well. It's a shame really - these are 9 and 10 year old boys. Oh well, our boys had class even though they lost ~ I am very proud of them!

Friday and Saturday were rainy, rainy days and the cold came back. I'm ready for Spring to be here and stay!!! Saturday was baseball practice and grocery shopping, but I started up with a bad sore throat so slept most of Sunday. The clouds haven't cleared up yet, but I've heard it will be 77 degrees today. We can hope!

The Lufkin Baseball Tournament starts tonight - we play at 7:45 pm. Caleb is on the RedSox team. He will be trying pitching this year - should be interesting!!!

Here's the latest picture of Em with her new bow that Meggan sent...

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Darlene said...

Thanks for signing up as a follower on my blog. It is great to meet you.

My daughter is on Spring Break this week also and today we hit the mid 80's..woohoo!!!

I hope you are feeling better by now.