Thursday, March 5, 2009

Later in the week...

OK - my last post was heavy on the bad news. We actually HAVE had some good news this week as well!

Caleb made the Hudson All-Star basketball team for 9-10 year olds. They are getting ready for the first game of the All-Star Tournament tonight! It's been fun - he really loves basketball. Baseball will be getting started soon, so we're ready for that too!

Morgan's slowly getting over a slight case of pneumonia. They had no ball games this week, but Monday should be a good one against Huntington. She went to Bull Bash last weekend and saw

Luke Bryan in concert - she said he was really good!
Both kids took Reading TAKS on Monday and they both said it went well - we'll see when the scores come out!

Meggan, Jacob & Emalyn got some snow in North Carolina. Meg is getting over strep throat. Yesterday, Jacob left again for training for most of March, getting ready to deploy this spring. There was a bus accident today as they were carrying more 22nd MEU guys to Virginia, so keep them in your prayers. It appears no one was seriously hurt, but that's a scary thing all the same.
Meggan sent me quite a few pictures this week - this is one of my favorites!!!
Meme sure does miss Emalyn!!!!

We are missing Nonnie too - and ready for her to come home next week. We'll let you know how the Tournament comes out!

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