Thursday, June 11, 2009

In memory of my dad...

Today, my dad would have been 70 years old. He's been gone for 3 years now. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, other times it seems like forever. He was 66 when he died, but seemed at least 10 years younger! It would've tickled him to tell people he was 49 this year!!!
I was born 2 days before my dad turned 30. That's always made our birthdays really special - and most years since I've been grown we've celebrated them together - along with my daughter Meggan (born on my birthday!) and Nonnie (June 20). Once Caleb came along (on June 18) we just started combining all these June birthdays and Father's Day for ONE BIG PARTY!!! And what a party it would be!
So the rest of us still have our birthdays together, but there's always something missing. Of course we still do Father's Day for Wade, but I miss celebrating with MY dad.

I feel like today is also a good day to celebrate my dad's life. He was such an awesome man, a great dad, a loving husband, the world's best Pa. He wasn't afraid to tell us and show us how much he loved us - and when it came to his grandkids you could DOUBLE that. He loved Jesus, and could tell you about it in such a way that no one felt uncomfortable. He believed he was here to take as many as he could back to Heaven with him. He wasn't perfect, but he did his best.
Dad, you are missed. I love you.

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