Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Update...

Well, it has been a long weekend! Of course I could always use an extra day or two to myself, but I think I work harder at home than I do at my job!
Wednesday night I picked Nonnie up at work (her car was in the shop) so I got to visit for a few minutes with her. Thursday I stopped and picked up steaks on the way home, and hubby grilled for us. Steaks, salad and corn on the cob - it does not get any better than that!!! Morgan & Hannah went to a ballgame so she was out for the night.
Friday Meg & Em picked me up at lunch - we went and looked around at a furniture store here in town. I've already ordered my living room furniture, but can't seem to decide about the dining room.
We don't have a formal dining room, but I want something nicer than a typical "dinette". I really thought I wanted the counter height, but I'm not so sure anymore. So the search continues...
After work Friday I ran home and made out menus and grocery lists. Wade and the boys from Boggy Slough were treated to an appreciation dinner down at Scrappin Valley, so he was out for the evening. Caleb spent the night with a friend, so after they picked him up the girls & I headed to town!
First, of course, we headed to Target (a must for any trip the girls & I take!) Morgan got a cool new pair of sunglasses, and checked out the latest home furnishings.
Then it was over to Old Navy, where Meggan found a pair of shorts.
Stopped by Nonnie's to pick up a cooler bag, then on to Sam's Club! There's something about buying your paper towels in bulk that just makes me feel satisfied, as if I've accomplished some kind of long-term provision for my family :P I know it's dumb, but still...
Then we headed over to Wal-Mart (and you KNOW I don't like Wal-Mart). It wasn't too bad for a Friday night. We actually got everything else we needed and were out in less than an hour (miracle!) We picked up Katelynn on the way home to spend the night with Morgan.
It took me a good hour to get everything in and unpacked, but for the first time in a while the fridge & freezer are full! In fact, I don't have enough room for everything. It's time to rearrange and organize the kitchen & dining room - just not much time to get it done!
Saturday I slept until 10:00!!!! I did wake up for a few minutes around 5:30 am when Wade was getting up - they had to work the Neches River Rendezvous at Boggy Slough.
Jacob called for Meggan (YAY!) so she and Emalyn got to talk to him a couple of times today!
I got some cleaning done, then Meggan, Em & I headed over to my friend Christina's SCENTSY Open House. We picked up a warmer (early bday gift for Meg) and a couple of new scents. I love my little plug in Scentsy warmer (that I won at Bunco!) and I love the summery, coconut scents I have to go in it. Meggan's warmer is called Liberty and is perfect for the decor of a USMC family! Chasity Smith also had Homemade Gourmet, so I got a few mixes to do up. The cucumber dip is chilling in my fridge as we speak!
Then we headed home and cleaned some more! I actually got quite a bit done, considering the amount of "stuff" I'm dealing with scattered everywhere. I don't really know where to start with the whole organizing my house thing...especially since I don't have my furniture yet. It'll come together, though.
Later I dropped off Morgan & Kate at the mall, picked up Caleb and got home in time to see Wade for maybe 10 minutes (LOL). Then he & Caleb headed out to go fishing, Meggan and Emalyn left to spend the night with Nonnie, and...
LO & BEHOLD, I WAS HOME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't know what to do! I mean, it's such an unusual phenomenon! I did actually do some more picking up, made up my bed with fresh clean white cotton sheets (Mmmmm!) and had a clean kitchen. Then I sat down and watched most of "He's Just Not That Into You". Everyone said it was a really good movie, but it kinda depressed me!
Then I got the call to head over & pick up the girls, so we dropped Katelynn off, but took Rachel home (:) see how it always works! But I LOVE having the kids around. Of course we ran back into Target, where I picked up a glass shelf for my bathroom. It doesn't sound like much, but I was excited!
Sunday I slept until 9:30 (So wrong, I should've gotten up for church). Meg called & I ran over to church and picked her & Emalyn up (church ends at 11) so we ran over to Old Navy - ALL Men's Clothes 1/2 off!!! YAY! I scored shorts, shirts, swimsuits & flip-flops for Caleb & Wade.
Today Emalyn is 5 months old!!!!!
Then home to GET IN MY POOL - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Again, I was all by myself!
Wade & Caleb were fishing again, and the girls had ALL gone to the mall.
It was so great, I got in on my pool float, and just twirled around for two hours! Of course, today I'm paying for it with a bit of a burn, but it was SO relaxing and wonderful.
Then I had to go pick up Morgan & Rachel and drop them at Tori's house to swim. Came home, Wade and I grilled hamburgers, hot dogs & corn! I made some killer tater salad, and the girls all came home just in time to eat :)
Wade hung my wonderful new shelf in our bathroom, and I FINALLY got to use my Sutton Vanity Set from Southern Living at Home. I was SO excited!!! I have lots of those brown boxes sitting around just WAITING to be opened and put to use with our new furnishings!!
Now, the bad news...this was such an odd weekend. I got a call Saturday from a friend who is also on FB, asking what had happened to another friend. I wasn't sure, but further investigation led to the discovery that our friend Staci had lost her son Kyle, 17, in a car accident early Saturday morning. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Kyle just graduated last week from high school, and had such a bright future ahead. Today is the funeral, so please pray for this family. This is the hardest thing she will ever face, and it's breaking my heart that she has to go through it. Keep this family in your thoughts through the coming days.
Be back later in the week...after all, tomorrow is Meggan's 20th birthday (which means it's the big 4-0 for me!)

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