Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I didn't mean to wait this long to blog again! The week has just flown by!
Last Thursday we dropped Meg & Em at the airport to head off to NC for a few days vacation. I was kind of sad to see them go - I just KNOW Emalyn will start crawling while they are there :(*
Then Morgan, Caleb and I, along with a friend each for them, took off, picked up Marion, and headed down to Galveston for a day at the beach to celebrate Caleb's 11th BIRTHDAY!
Along the way everyone was hungry, so I pulled into McD's, got everyone a hamburger/cheeseburger, $1 fries and $1 large drink - I fed 6 people for $18!!!!!!! I was SO excited!!!!
The beach looked pretty good. In fact, the bay water was bluer than I ever remember! Almost no buildings on the ocean side of Seawall were standing, but reconstruction has begun. We drove down to Stewart Beach and staked out a spot with our beach umbrellas!
The kids headed straight into the water, and I don't think the boys came out for a total of 30 minutes the whole time we were there! They had a great time on the skim boards and boogie boards. The girls buried the boys in the sand - that was great! Then they took a long walk down the beach and back.
Marion & I napped and read while keeping an eye on the kiddos - Stewart Beach is nice because there are lifeguards. It was a beautiful day - hardly a cloud in the sky.
Sadly, we had to return home that evening. It's not a hard drive, though. I was in bed by 11!!!
Friday was back to work! I met Leah for a (late) birthday lunch at Logan's - Kickin' Chicken' Salad is SO good!!!!
Saturday was Nonnie's birthday. She spent the day relaxing! I got up and went to my friend Keisha's Arbonne party. My friend Jennipher sells Arbonne as well - and I love their products!!! Then off to run a few errands, and back home to TRY and get the house in order.
Sunday was Father's Day. We met Nonnie, David, Rob-Rob and Boyd at Logan's for a lunch to celebrate Dad and Caleb and Nonnie's birthdays. It was great! Then home again to work on the house - we actually got quite a bit done! I'm so ready for my furniture to be here!
Monday was crazy! Worked all day, then did a Southern Living at HOME party for Heather. That was fun - I haven't done a home party in awhile!!! I got to meet some great people, and scheduled a couple more parties for July! YAY!! The specials really had everyone excited :D
Yesterday was back to work - kind of a crazy day. Caleb had an appointment, so I brought him on to work with me, and we didn't get there till 10 or so. Morgan locked herself out of the house, so David had to go unlock it for them. Crazy!!! Picked up dinner on the way home, and one of Morgan's friends. Everyone was SO tired - Caleb and Wade were taking naps when I arrived! I worked on my Southern Living at HOME stuff last night - should have a big fundraiser and sale coming up in July, so stay tuned!!!
Today is a pretty day so far - back to work - and it will be HOT!!! So far we're hitting up and over 100 with the heat index each day. WOOHOO SUMMER!!!! I love it!

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Holly: I saw that you are following my blog, so now I am following you. Good grief, it sounds like we are a bunch of stalkers. LOL

Enjoy your 4th of July.