Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life after 40...

HAHAHA that's a funny title, right? NO! I have to say though, after really dreading it leading up to THE DAY, it wasn't so bad!
When I got to work, Shanna had REALLY decorated up my office! Caution tape EVERYWHERE that said "WARNING 40th BIRTHDAY!!!!" Cute! I got a Hot Flash Fanner, a big balloon bouquet, lots of stuff with "40" on it!!! And a really cute set of turquoise/red jewelry. Thank you Shanna! The best part was the Cookie Card - that I managed to eat all by myself throughout the day!!!!
I got lots of calls & well wishes through the day. My friend Paula had asked me to lunch at Olive Garden, so I headed over there to be surprised by my friends Angela, Rhonda & Suzanne as well! Of course, Meggan came - it IS her birthday too, and Olive Garden IS her fave place to eat! She had Emalyn and Caleb with her (Morgan was babysitting Boyd, so they couldn't come)- so we had a good lunch visiting and scarfing salad, soup & breadsticks! Angela brought me a wonderful gift from her salon, Expressive Images, where my wonderful BFF Leah works and does my hair!!! I love Bare Minerals makeup!!!
When I got off work, we all headed over to Nonnie's, where Rob-Rob had been slaving away all day to make our birthday dinner. The awesome part was, she had downloaded recipes off of the Olive Garden website so that Meg could have an authentic OG dinner!!! The Chicken Veranese was AWESOME - better than OG! And our salad tasted exactly like an OG salad - it was the best!!! Thanks for cooking. We had a princess cupcake cake for dessert ~ Meggan picked that out!
Then, just like that, no big deal - I'm 40, Meg's 20, and the world is still turning...

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